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5 Recommended Meals For a Healthy Life


A healthy meal is a whole collection of food from different categories like; fruits and vegetables, whole grain meals, proteins, milk and dairy meals, and meals rich in fats and oils. This meals, when combined with exercises, help to improve a person’s health and also maintains a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy is an excellent way to feel safe from illnesses, gain a lot of energy, plus helps the body to remain stronger and healthier through time.

1. Fruits and Vegetables.

Nutrition experts recommend that a meal should include fruits and vegetables since each of them possesses different nutrients. The best way to do this would be to include all of them in your daily meals. Include green veggies like spinach, kales or collard greens at any one meal, and carrots or sweet potatoes squash in the next meal. Apples provide a tremendous source of crucial vitamins and minerals, and therefore, you should cut up and eat an apple as you take your morning cereal. Try eating peaches with your lunch. And, lastly, eat frozen raspberries or blackberries with dessert.

2. Whole Grain Meals.

Nutrition organizations from all over the globe, recommend at least three or more ounces of whole-grain meals per day. They usually have the bran and germ intact, thus, they have more fiber, minerals, and even vitamins than refined grain meals. Brown rice, oatmeal, bulgur, and also barley are good examples of whole grain meals that can be added to your daily meals.

3. Proteins and Fatty Acids.

Meat is among the best sources of proteins and fatty acids. Nutritionists recommend at least five and a half ounces of meat protein (includes poultry and fish) each day, always go for the lean cuts and mainly opt for fish or chicken meat. Eggs are also listed in this category, and one egg is the same as an ounce serving of meat.

4. Dairy Products.

It’s recommended that you add milk and dairy meals regularly in your daily food intake. Suitably three cups of low-fat/fat-free milk or yogurt, four slices of low-fat or fat-free natural cheese, and at least six slices of low-fat (fat-free) processed cheese should be included in your meal each day. Alternatively, a combination of some of the above meals can be taken, as long as the recommended calorie content is met.

5. Safe Fats and Oils.

Nutritional experts’ advice that 35% of your daily calories should come from fat from fats and oils. Ingesting oils that help improve good cholesterol levels (HDL) at the same time inhibiting bad cholesterol (LDL) is critical for a healthy life. Oils extracted from canola, or corn, soybean, or mustard, olives, and even sunflower promote a healthy lifestyle.

These 5 recommended meals for a healthy life supply you with essential nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy and active. Always strive to take in nutritious meal whether it’s a takeaway or home cooked. Remember eating healthy for living healthy.

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